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How To Have More Joy This Holiday Season!

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If your family is anything like mine, you love the anticipation of the holidays. Sometimes with the busyness of the season though, it's easy to forget to make time for the things that make memories that last a lifetime. 

I'm incredibly excited to be starting a tradition in my house this year - Advent!

Simply put, Advent is the celebration of the four weeks leading up to Christmas. Why only celebrate one day when you can engage your family in excitement that builds up the entire month?

Here are the basics of what you need to create a great Advent tradition for you and your family:

  • You will need to mark a few key dates on your calendar. This year, those dates are Nov. 29, Dec. 6, Dec. 13, and Dec. 20.

  • You will need an advent wreath or arrangement with four candles. This year, we're offering some gorgeous Advent wreaths - check them out here, or just feel free to make your own! The idea is to create some really great Christmas memories!

  • Each Sunday during Advent (on the dates above), you gather your family and light one of the candles on the wreath. We like to take turns lighting the candles in our family, but do it however you like! The key is sharing something you're thankful for or excited about this Christmas Season. Some people choose to sing a carol, while others just take the few moments to catch up with their loved ones. 

  • For some more suggestions on what do do during your Advent tradition, download our Advent Guide here.

So, a bit of background...Last year, my family and I took a trip to Europe around Christmastime, and that's when we decided to bring this great tradition back home to share with each other, and now with you!

As luck would have it, we arrived in Vienna on the day the Christmas Markets opened. After a morning of guided tours, Kim and I took off on our own for an afternoon exploration. As we rounded each corner we were awed by the stalls selling fresh cut flowers, evergreens, and wreaths. 

As we explored Vienna, we couldn’t help but notice Advent wreaths of every size and description...hundreds upon hundreds of them. We quickly learned that every home has an Advent wreath. Dorm students, city dwellers, families with small children, the elderly...practically every home marked the weeks before Christmas by lighting a candle.

Bringing an Advent wreath into your home is a super simple and easy way to create a sense of joy and anticipation this Christmas season! 

This year, Bussey's Florist & Gifts will design both fresh and permanent Advent wreaths and arrangements. Adorned with four candles, simply light one candle in your wreath or arrangement each Sunday of Advent. What a great time to share Christmas stories, reminisce about Christmas' past, and anticipate the excitement of Christmas day. In 2015, Advent begins on November 29.

This year we would like to share the beauty of Advent with you and those that you love. Our talented designers are creating wreaths in all shapes and sizes.  We invite you to celebrate this special season along with our family. Visit our shops soon and begin to experience the wonder of this magical season.

We're very excited about the beautiful Advent wreaths we're offering this year, click here to check them out! Or give us a call at 706-234-1040.

Merry Christmas!


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