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Guide To Giving Flowers


Guide to Giving Flowers

Flowers. There is no gift received that so eloquently and beautifully communicates a message of thoughtfulness. At Bussey’s, our designers have studied the deeper meaning of flowers and the responses our customers have to them. And, we have applied that knowledge in creating the perfect arrangement, uniquely designed to convey a specific message to your very special recipient. We have elevated the art of caring.

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Matching Flowers to Personality

Fresh flowers are easily customized. When it comes to gift-giving, hand selecting the varieties and colors that you send will guarantee that your selection will make a lasting impression. Describe the recipient. Think about the personality of the person receiving your gift. The human response to color is intensely emotional, and flowers can be a catalyst to stimulate more than just our senses of sight and smell. Flowers have been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on emotions and state of mind. A floral bouquet has the ability to convey our feelings without using words…just color.


Naturalists are casual, earthy, and have a love of the great outdoors. Unusual flowering or green plants, garden-inspired flowers, or organic designs with natural elements make a great gift.


Expressive personalities love the unconventional. Exotic flowers or unique combinations of shape, color, and texture match their need for creative and artistic expression.


Traditionalists are trustworthy, family-oriented, and lean to classic styles. They gravitate to full bouquets filled with a variety of flowers and subtle color combinations.


Serenity and relaxation are the essence of this color scheme. This cool and peaceful palette is dominated by clear, light shades of green, misty blues and other cool hues. A vase of subtle fragrance is perfect for busy moms, harried professionals, and those who need a moment of calm from life’s stressful situations.


The rich, luxurious color combinations of the sensuous palette set the mood for sophisticated, passionate, seductive settings. Rich reds and violet, hot pinks and spicy oranges are at the soul of this dynamic floral gift. Consider a sensuous arrangement for a special celebration or an elegant dinner party. Use these flowers to project a feeling that is magnetic and extravagant.


A sense of caring is created by combining colors that are soft and tender. Bouquets in pastel shades and the softest yellows, peaches, warm pinks, creamy whites and subtle greens make us feel safe, secure, and loved. Consider a nurturing floral arrangement for a new mother, a sick friend, or a grieving loved one – anyone who would benefit from a caring embrace.


Flowers for Sympathy

Comforting those who have lost a loved one is never easy. In fact, we are often unsure how to commemorate the death of loved ones. Today’s services are sometimes more simple and shorter in duration. An increase in cremations has resulted in shorter or no memorial services. Yet, flowers remain an appropriate and thoughtful way to honor the loss of a beautiful life.

For the service

Personalized sympathy tributes are a growing trend. If the deceased loved the outdoors, perhaps a tribute incorporating branches and natural materials would be ideal. If the deceased was an avid gardener, a tribute with a collection of garden flowers may be a perfect choice. To personalize, give your Bussey’s floral consultant a few hints about the person you want to memorialize. Or, if you prefer to send a design that reflects your personal style, be sure to communicate that thought as well. Distinctively designed standing sprays, wreaths, and basket arrangements are excellent choices. Green and blooming plants or European garden baskets are also popular selections.

For the home

Sending a gift of flowers to the home is a wonderful way to express your sympathy and is a popular trend. Some people choose to send flowers to the home immediately while others prefer to wait a week or more. There are no rules of etiquette – simply follow your heart. Flowers are a very comforting reminder during the grieving process that friends haven’t forgotten. One question that we are frequently asked– “Is it still appropriate to send flowers if the death notice mentions a charitable donation?” Yes. Sending flowers is always appropriate and in good taste. Flowers say what is often difficult to express in words. Flowers also add warmth to the service and provide visible emotional support needed during this time of grief.


A Guy’s Guide to Giving Flowers

92% of women can remember that special feeling the last time that they received flowers. Flowers are a great way to express what is difficult to express in words. And, while flowers are internationally linked with the art of romance, every woman deserves a little TLC. So, don’t forget mom, grandma, and other leading ladies in your life. Here are three popular design styles men can ask for with confidence:


These arrangements feature one type of flower and may even feature different colors of the same flower in the vase.




Pick a color, any color and stick with it. If her favorite color is pink have a bouquet created featuring different flowers in shades of pink.



textural-bunches.jpgTextural Bunches

Select complementary flowers of various textures to place together in bunches. This unique look has a bold contemporary feel and will surely provide the “wow” factor you are looking for.



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